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Sports facilities in Longgang

Source: Longgang Government Online Updated:2020-06-08

Shenzhen Universiade Center Gymnasium 大運中心體育館

Located to the northeast of downtown Shenzhen, Universiade Center is the main stadium of the 26th Summer Universiade in 2016. As a landmark of Shenzhen, it consists of a main stadium, a main gymnasium, a natatorium, Universaide Lake, Mass Fitness Center and other fitness facilities.

Official WeChat Accounts: 深圳大運中心 (WeChat ID: DYZX89980111)

Booking: (86-755)8899-80111 (general)

Football: (86-755) 8998-5596

Gymnasium (badminton, ping-pong, basketball): (86-755) 8956-2756

Add: 3001 Longxiang Avenue, Longgang District 龍崗區龍翔大道3001號


a) Take a No. M229/M317/446 bus and get off at Universiade Center Gymnasium (大運中心體育場)

b) Take a No.365/802/839/E27/E6/M315/M318/M367/M386/M446/M447 bus and get off at Universiade Center (大運中心)

c) Metro: Line 3 to Universiade Station (大運站), Exit C and then take a taxi

Longgang Sports Center 龍崗區體育中心

Covering 150,000 square meters, Longgang Sports Center is a large-scale non-profit sports venue founded by the Longgang District Government. It has an international velodrome, tennis courts, badminton courts, table tennis rooms and other sports facilities.

Open hours and fees:

Open hours: 9 a.m.-11 p.m.

For fees, please refer to its official WeChat Account: 深圳市龍崗區體育中心管理處

Booking: (86-755) 2893-7013 (general)

Football: (86-755)2893-5512

Tennis: (86-755)28937-013

Badminton: (86-755)2893-7089

Swimming: (86-755)2893-7089

Volleyball: (86-755)2893-7089

Official WeChat Account: 深圳市龍崗區體育中心管理處

Add: 1 Saichang Road, Longgang District 龍崗區賽場路1號


a) Take a No. 802/B852 bus and get off at International Velodrome(國際自行車賽場)

b) Metro: Line 3 to He’ao Station (荷坳站),Exit C/D and then take a taxi